Lords of the Fly

Lords of the Fly

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Madness, obsession, and the hunt for the world-record tarpon

From the bestselling author Monte Burke comes the thrilling, untold story of the quest for the world-record tarpon on a fly rod, a tale that reveals as much about Man as it does the fish.

In Lords of the Fly, Monte Burke, an obsessed tarpon fly angler himself, delves into this seminal movement and the popularity of the amazing tarpon, a fifty-million year old species that can live to eighty years old and grow to three hundred pounds. This massive, leaping bullet train of a fish, when hooked in shallow water, produces "immediate unreality," as the late poet and tarpon obsessive, Richard Brautigan once described it. 

Hardcover: 9.25" x 6.5" x 1"

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