Tie with us

Live All Winter

We're Back for season two!

We had so much fun last year featuring local tyers and connecting with friends across the country, we're at it again!


Every Wednesday we'll be featuring guides, staff, and friends tying flies so you can tie along with us or just tune in and enjoy from home.

Streams will start around 7:30PM and last for approximately one hour.

Coming Up

Kevin Feenstra

Kevin might be the busiest man in fly fishing. He's been at the forefront of great lakes spey for years.

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Jeff Hubbard

Jeff is a guide that really takes his time to learn a fishery. He's known for chasing steelhead with two-handed techniques and ties some great flies.

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ELI berant

Eli is known for his big predator streamers that continue to tempt lots of great lakes species.



Mike loves Michigan's rich fly tying history and will be tying some flies inspired by past classics.


ED Mccoy

Ed is a master of details and consistency. Every material he puts on a hook is well thought out.



Jon love tying simple flies to fool trout and steelhead. He understands better than most that more is often less in fly tying.


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Team Tie

Hang out with the TNA crew as we recap the fall season and tie some some flies.

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Alex is a driven angler known for finding big fish with streamer presentations in Michigan and Arkansas.

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Jon Ray

Jon is a well rounded guide in Northern Michigan who chases trout, steelhead, bass, and musky.

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Russ Maddin

Russ has been a tying innovator for years and continues to push the envelope with his creations

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Matt Grajewski

Matt specializes in streamers and has created some of our favorite flies for chasing big toothy critters.

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Andy Girard

Andy has tied commercially for several shops but really loves to chase big fish with streamers in quiet spaces.

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