Sage Payload
Sage Payload
Sage Payload
Sage Payload

Sage Payload

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Big fish, big fly. With a powerful but comfortable casting action, the new PAYLOAD series of rods are designed to help anglers cast those heavy lines and big flies more effectively. Whether launching an articulated streamer on the local trout stream or hunting toothy critters in the back woods anglers will notice how easy it is to hurl a heavy line and big fly with the PAYLOAD.

  • Tailored for casting large flies or wind resistant flies
  • Increased pick-up of heavy line off the water
  • More leverage for fighting powerful fish


  • 689-4: Line 6+ Trout Streamers and light duty bass bugs
  • 789-4: Line 7+ Boogle bugs to large trout streamers
  • 889-4: Line 8+ Minnow, clousers, whistlers, poppers
  • 989-4: Line 9+ Pike flies, large poppers, and large baitfish
  • 1090-4: Line 10+ Pike flies up to 12"
  • 1193-4: Line 11+ Musky flies over 12"