Cheese Cup Rules & Regulations


Teams can pursue the largest fish in a given category (bluegill, bass, carp, pike) and compete for the Grand Slam (any three species) or Super Slam (all four species).


Teams will consist of 1-2 anglers. We are happy to pair individuals if needed.

The Rules:

    1. This is a catch & release fly fishing tournament.
    2. All fish must be taken on fly.
    3. Fish wherever you like, as long as you have legal access to the water.
    4. Wading, Kayaks, and Boats are all acceptable methods to access water and fish.
    5. Fish to be scored will need to be photographed with the official tournament tape me
    6. Photographs without the provided tape measure will not be scored.


Size is key in this event, to win a category your team will need to have caught the largest fish.

The Grand Slam and Super Slam is where the fun is. To compete for the Grand Slam your team will need to catch three of the four species. For the Super Slam your team will need to catch all four species. The largest fish of each species will be scored and the total length of your fish will be your points total. Highest points total wins.

 Example Slam Scoring:

10” bluegill, 18” bass, 25” pike, 23” carp 

Total length = 76  Points Total = 76


Does my team have to declare what we will be fishing for?

No, if you want to focus totally on bluegill and change your mind during the day we’re cool with that.

What if my bluegill is 10.87 inches long?

All fish measurements will be rounded down to the nearest inch. Just like real life, a 10.87 inch fish is not an 11 inch fish. Exact measurements will be used in the event of a tie.

What if I forgot to photograph my fish with the tournament tape measure?

Simple, it does not count. No exceptions. Get over it, keep fishing.