The Paris Hilton Incident

Last year Paris Hilton (yes that Paris Hilton) came though Traverse City and made a stop at The Northern Angler to film a segment of her show Paris In Love. It turned out to be a full day of shenanigans for the boys and something we'll laugh about for years.  

Want to hear the full story? We just recorded a podcast where you can hear how the entire day went. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

After her crew stopped at the shop to do some light shopping, we got her setup with some waders, boots, and everything else she would need on her fishing adventure. 
To our surprise, our day wasn't quite done yet as the producers asked if we could help Paris catch some fish. Jake and Matt then spent the rest of the day trying to manage the crew's expectations and searching for fish that could be used in the episode. 
Nothing went quite as planned but we had some fun and came away with some hilarious stories.

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