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Last week Brian & Matt sat down with Jon Ray and Ed McCoy of Mangled Fly to have a serious discussion about Didymo on The Northern Angler podcast, Spooled. Didymo, if you don't already know, is a species of algae that can grow at such a level it will create thick mats that suffocate river bottoms. 

So far we've seen the Manistee & Boardman rivers affected but it's more than likely we will see this spread to other Northern Michigan rivers. 

In this episode of Spooled, the guys talk about what Didymo is, how it was discovered in the Manistee, and the changes it has brought to our watershed and fisheries. It's a difficult conversation but one that's important to have. This is something that will threaten Michigan ecosystems, fishing, and more for years to come.



If you get a chance, please take the time to read Ed's latest piece on Didymo over on the Mangled Fly website. It is incredibly well put together with more information and perspective than we've seen anywhere.

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  • Mark Cleveland

    Great Job, Spooled and Mangled fly were the feature articles in our monthly newsletter – EDTU Mark Cleveland, Editor “Stop the Spread”

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