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he second fly from our evening with Jeff Hubbard, The Heckler is a beautiful intruder-style swing fly for steelhead. Jeff uses this fly in the spring and fall on Michigan's Pere Marquette and uses worm weights to adjust to the different depths and water levels throughout the seasons. Experiment with different colors and rubber leg styles to fit your needs.

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Winter is returning to Northern Michigan today with a cold north wind bringing us a little snow. We're tying a simple flash fly for Steelhead this week called the Flash Mob. I borrowed extensively from the classic Prom Dress fly that has caught us many fish over the years.

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Happy Friday everyone, looks like it's going to be a good one for fishing! This week were cranking out leech patterns for winter steelhead and we have a new video on the now classic Grapefruit Leech. I've made some modifications and we're tying on a tube but overall this is an easy fly to tie and something that can really grab the attention of lethargic fish. Swing them slow, swing them low, get out there!

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