Staff Holiday Picks: Nate Weber

Nate's enthusiasm for streamer fishing is contagious at The Northern Angler. He's not afraid of rough terrain or long nights if it means big fish. When he's not helping customers pick out the best flies, he's testing out new rods or helping Brian and Matt learn new lingo.


1. Loon Mitten Scissor Clamps

"I love how easy these are to use! Not only do these work as standard clamps, they also have a built-in pair of scissors. It's about the only tool you need on the water."

2. TNA Mountain Fleece Pullover

"Now that the winter season is coming, it's always good to have some extra layers around. This is a nice thin fleece so you won't get overheated wearing this indoors."

 3. Basic Trout Assortment

"This assortment makes a great gift for anyone getting started chasing trout. It comes displayed on a foam board that will help keep anglers organized on the water."

4. Simms Guide Classic Waders

"I've been really happy after upgrading to the Guide Classics this year. I do tons of wade fishing and these have really held up well for me."

5. Simms G3 Guide Boots

"I've had these boots now for over a year and they've been great. They may not be the lightest boot in the lineup but they've excelled in every situation I've put them in."

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