Review: Loon Bench Boss

In the world of fly tying, organization is key to a seamless and enjoyable tying experience. Enter the Bench Boss from Loon, a new player in the market promising a sturdy solution for storing all your tying necessities.

  1. Footprint:  With dimensions of 7x8x2 inches, it strikes a balance between size and functionality. The thoughtful design allows it to fit well on various workspaces without dominating the desk, offering a perfect solution for those with limited tying spaces.
  2. Storage: Loon has evidently designed this with specific products in mind, particularly their own. The storage options include slots for larger UV adhesive bottles and five slots for smaller bottles. There are also dedicated spaces for other Loon products such as hard head and soft head cements. The amount of tool storage is very good - especially the amount of spots for bobbins. 

  3. Hook & Bead Management: We really liked the thoughtful inclusion of four recessed indentations for hooks and beads. The design allows for easy access, catering to fly tiers who like to jump around and work on various patterns simultaneously. The curved bottom and varying depths differentiate between bead and hook storage, ensuring a secure and organized arrangement. 

  4. Feather Bender: A unique feature of the Bench Boss is the feather bender, which we find interesting. While it's a nice feature, we would have liked to see a wider footprint for additional hook & bead spots.

  5. Final Thoughts: This is a great organizer for any tier who has made a minimal investment in tools and adhesives. The impact of organization on productivity can be immense. The Bench Boss will be a functional and valuable addition to any tyer's workspace.

Conclusion: The Bench Boss presents itself as a well-thought-out solution for fly tying organization. Its footprint, storage options, hook and bead management, and unique features like the feather bender make it a promising addition to the tying bench. Consider the Bench Boss if you're looking to enhance your tying experience and bring order to your fly tying workspace.

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