Fly Friday 11/2/18

We've got two fly tying tutorials for you this Friday and both feature a technique that blends feathers and flash, two things fish love. Grab some materials and get tying this weekend!

The first fly we're featuring is the Complex Twist Bugger, a fly that showcases a killer way of twisting polar chenille and schlappen into a extremely durable body. The boys over at Fly Fish Food have generously shared their innovations with the world and we are seriously grateful. This version uses pearl braid as an under body rather than bugger chenille to keep bulk down. This fly can be tied in nearly endless color combinations and simply catches fish.


The second fly, The Twisted Hoh, uses this same technique applied to a steelhead standard that has been in our boxes for years. Wrapping guinea as a under body always bothered me and this is a great way to blend some flash in and maintain that classic look. If you like to swing flies for steelhead, this is a fly you should have in your box. 


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