Didymo Update 8/24/22

Hey everyone, we've got some unfortunate news to pass along today. We've gotten reports that didymo has been found on the Boardman river near Traverse City. Of course this is very discouraging and something we would be able to avoid through angler outreach and education. For now, we do not have many details on how widespread it is but we do know that the samples tested came from the River Road section that stretches from Beitner Park upstream to Brown Bridge Quiet Area. 

We know that lots of folks are going to be looking for someone to blame but blame culture can be toxic and rarely productive. We just want to remind everyone to try and stay positive in their interactions with everyone using these public resources. The best thing you can do is educate yourself and help to spread the word about prevention. 

The Michigan DNR has put together an information page about this invasive species so you can know what to look for as well as the best current practices for prevention.  CHECK IT OUT HERE

Also, check out the video we put together this spring about didymo and doing your part to help prevent the spread.

In terms of the Manistee, we're expecting to see the bloom move upstream from Sharon reaching to Burnt Cabin and even Yellow Trees. Srubbing your gear after every outing is still the best thing you can do to help prevent the spread!

  • CLEAN boats and gear with HOT (140° F) water or chemical disinfectants and remove any visible plants, mud and aquatic life before transporting.
  • DRAIN the water from all equipment before transporting elsewhere.
  • DRY all your gear for at least 5 days before going to a new waterbody.

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