Workhorse Steelhead Stone Tutorial

 "Stoneflies are an essential part of spring fishing for steelhead in the midwest. As the days and rivers warm, stoneflies begin their seasonal migration towards snowy banks where they will crawl out and emerge into adults."





This fly is a workhorse for spring steelhead fishing. As spring progresses, stoneflies become active in the water and slowly work their way to the banks where they’ll emerge and hatch into adults. This migration introduces tons of these insects into the water column as many are carried away by the current.

Typically we like to fish this fly as part of a tandem rig that includes an egg imitation of some sort. You can also tie up smaller stones for low clear water but I think the visibility of a large pattern such as this can be an advantage on the water.


You can play with colors if you need to show the fish something different. Don’t be afraid to throw some accents of blue in the mix as it’s a color fish see well in low light conditions.