Wire Body Prince Nymph Tutorial

As we have plunged into winter and the days have started to stay grey I wanted to tie up a few nymphs with fund colors for trout and steelhead. The wire body Prince Nymph is such an easy template to play tyers can create their own combinations simply by switching up the wire. This is an easy tie despite the looks so you don't have to feel bad sticking a few in the wood looking for steelhead this winter.




  • Hook: Umpqua U202 or TMC 2457 size 6-12
  • Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
  • Bead: Tungsten or Brass to match (5/32 for the size 10 shown)
  • Wire: Sized to match and seat the bead (.015 for the size 10 shown)
  • Tail: Goose Biots
  • Body: Large Ultra Wire
  • Thorax: Peacock Herl
  • Wing: Goose Biots
  • Hackle: CDC Feather 

*NOTE: Wrapping three strands of large ultra wire can be frustrating! The real trick is taking your time when starting the wraps and making sure everything is lined up correctly. You may find that different color wire may wrap easier than others (black can be difficult).