Dries & Emergers with Evan Visuri


January 20th we welcomed Evan Visuri to the vise for another night of live fly tying. Evan has been guiding and working with The Northern Angler for ten years now and spends lots of time chasing trout on the Upper Manistee and Steelhead on the Lower Manistee.

We had a fun night with Brian and Matt hosting while Evan put together three great patterns you should have in your box this spring.

First, he tied us an Isonychia Dun

After that, he tied an Isonychia Emerger

  • Hook - Daiichi 1167 size 12
  • Thread - Uni 6/0 wine or gray
  • Tail/shuck - Ice Fur (orangutan), or sparkle emerger yarn
  • Body - rabbit dubbing (gray), fine and dry (rust)
  • Parachute - EP trigger point fibers (white) or Para Post
  • Hackle - neck hackle (grizzly) (brown) Whiting or Metz
  • Thorax - ice dub (uv gray)

Last, he treated us to an upgraded version of a Chubby Chernobyl

  • Hook - Firehole Sticks (firehole 618) size 12
  • Thread - Uni 6/0 (black)
  • Body - 2mm foam (black) 2mm foam (gray)
  • Underbody - Natures Spirit Emergence dubbing (peacock black)
  • Wing - EP trigger point fibers (quicksilver)
  • Legs - Sili legs (black green flake)