Squirmy Wormy Tutorial

The squirmy is a fly that's often made fun of but really does catch tons of fish. This version uses a bead head to add some extra weight if you like fishing a euro-style rig. I've seen plenty of patterns use beads but their typically complicated and these should be fast flies because you're going to lose a few. Reversing the bead really helps speed up the whole process and you'll end up with a more durable fly to boot!



Though pink is often our first choice in the winter months, it pays off having other colors in your box as well. The classic red is great for water that isn't too dirty though when the water is high I like fishing bright colors like orange or even chartreuse. Don't count out purple either for low light conditions!


Unless you're fishing exceptionally clear water with picky trout, I would stick to just one size (typically 10-12) for almost all your fishing. This should make it a little easier to fill your box up with lots of color options!