Slush Egg Tutorial

A super simple egg pattern that can be very effective for trout, steelhead, and more. With a jig hook and slotted bead, these work great as part of a tight-line nymphing system. If you're running an indicator or chuck & duck, the slush material works awesome on a standard egg hook.




There are some really great color options with this body material. One of the reasons I really enjoy using the Slush Jelly is it's almost two-tone qualities. The separate materials that make up this stuff are slightly different tones that helps achieve a mottled look in the water. The color used in the video and in the image above is Blushing Sunburst. 

Safety Orange is a great color early in the run when there are lots of fresh eggs in the sytem.

Atomic Yellow is a great color when you need to grab the attention of fish in stained water.

Biscuit is one of my favorites for later in the run when fish are responding to more washed out colors.

Blending colors is also a great option as well, here I've added one wrap of White, two of Safety Orange, and two of White.

Another blend, this one with one wrap of White, two Atomic Yellow, and two White.