Sexy Walt's Worm Tutorial

The Walt's Worm is not going to be the prettiest fly in your box. It will, however, catch you plenty of fish. This "sexy" version adds a flashy rib and hot spot to the standard pattern for those days when fish need a little extra incentive. 





As I mention briefly in the tutorial video, the Walt's is often considered a cranefly larva and therefore tied in sizes 10-14. Be sure to try this fly out in larger sizes however, I think you might be surprised.


This fly is typically tied in a grey color scheme but to add a little more dynamic range, I like using the Rainbow color sow scud dubbing. A great alternative to this dubbing would be using a classic hare's ear dubbing. 


This is a pattern that will fish well on either jig or standard hooks. If you wanted to go to a longer profile jig hook, I'd recommend the Firehole 523. If you wanted to tie this on a standard hook, the TMC 200R would look great with the bent shank.