Russ Maddin's Scorpion Hex Tutorial

We started out Flies at The Franklin 2020 the right way with Russ Maddin tying up two big Michigan dry flies. Honestly, we were shocked when Russ agreed to tie dries as he usually prefers to keep his patterns out of the limelight. In the past few years Russ worked with Ahrex to develop the 570 specifically for the needs of anglers fishing larger dries. Offered in sizes 4-14 tyers will be able to produce flies from Hex to Hendricksons on a hook with a wide gap and larger eye without having to worry about the hook failing you on big fish. 


  • Hook: Ahrex 570 
  • Thread: UNI 6/0
  • Tail: Moose Body
  • Body: Deer Body Hair
  • Wing: Kiptail
  • Hackle: Large Neck Hackle