Pike Tube Flies with Tommy Greene

We welcomed to the bench our friend Tommy Greene to tie a big tube fly for pike and we ended up talking for over two hours. Tommy has been chasing large pike in Northern Michigan and Canada for years. He's adapted fishing and tying techniques from all over and added his own flair to create beautiful and effective flies to tempt these toothy critters.

In two hours we covered a lot of ground. Tommy talked about using the Bauer Pike Rig and the versatility tubes provide over patterns traditionally tied on hooks. We also laughed about watching hours of Fly vs. Jerk on YouTube during the winter months. 

Besides his methodical and patient tying style, Tommy showed off some of his favorite color combinations for attracting pike. Tons of great questions from those tuning in got us talking about rods, lines, and how presentations change throughout the day and the season. 

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If you want to learn more about fly fishing for pike, check out this video we put together a while back about gearing up!