Game Changers with Ed McCoy

Captain Ed McCoy grew up in Northern Michigan fly fishing for trout, salmon, and steelhead. Ed graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in Zoology and Fisheries & Wildlife. While attending MSU he worked on several research projects studying stream ecology and fish biology in Northern Michigan. Upon graduating from MSU he then attended the University of Michigan as a post-graduate research assistant. Ed was very fortunate throughout his college years to be afforded the opportunity to research and fish some of our most notable trout streams such as the Au Sable, Manistee, Muskegon, Pere Marquette, and Pine Rivers. As a full time guide with over 18 years of experience, Ed enjoys every aspect of fly fishing and if it has fins he will chase it!! He is very passionate about dry fly fishing for trout and has several of his “go to” patterns available through the Montana Fly Company.

Ed McCoy is currently a Fly Designer for Montana Fly Company and is continually pushing the boundaries of form and function with his innovative fly tying approach. Ed has been featured in numerous national publications including Fly Fisherman Magazine and as a Featured Tier in, This is Fly Magazine. Check out Ed’s Dry Fly patterns at The Northern Angler or Online at Mangled Fly.

Ed will be tying a Lamprey Changer designed for trout built off the popular Game Changer platform developed by Blane Chocklett. 


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