Jeff Hubbard's Hex Nymph Tutorial

On yet another cold winter evening Jeff Hubbard joined us for another edition of Flies at The Franklin and tied up two beautiful Michigan steelhead flies. This is the first video release of two so please stay tuned for one more featuring Jeff's flies. 

In this first video we're tying a Hub's Hex Nymph, a favorite of ours for spring steelhead. As you'll hear from Jeff, this fly can be fished in a number of ways including under and indicator or swung as a wet fly. If you're not getting out to enjoy the warm up this weekend sit down and tie up some of these for your spring collection.


  • Hook: TMC 3761 #6
  • Thread: Black 140
  • Tail: Tan Grizzly Marabou
  • Body: UV Brown Ice Dub
  • Legs: Natural Mallard Flank
  • Head: UV Tan Ice Dub
  • Eyes: Medium Mono or Beadchain