CDC Sparkle Dun Tutorial

Hope you've all enjoyed your time at the vise lately, it's one of the few things that can reliably get me through the winter. This week we're exploring the world of no-hackle dry flies. That's right, you can create beautiful and functional dry flies without using hackle! 

In Michigan, no-hackle dries are a fantastic option because of our relatively calm water. Hackle excels at floating flies in broken water but in our softer water it is often unnecessary. Flies such as this Sparkle Dun provide trout with a much more accurate image of the silhouette. I know I've hammered on this many times before but size and silhouette are by far the most important factors in fly selection.  By using deer hair as the wing, we can create a quickly tied dry that's durable and effective. I've also chosen to use CDC to form the body as it floats well and creates a very buggy look. 



  • Hook: TMC 100 
  • Thread: 6/0 
  • Tail: Antron Yarn
  • Body: CDC Feather
  • Wing: Comparadun Deer Hair