Higa's UV S.O.S. Tutorial


I've been a big fan of this nymph since I lived out in Utah where the SOS was developed by guide Spencer Higa. It's a mashup fly that combines some of the best elements from classics you already know like the Pheasant Tail and Zebra Midge. In this version I use two different UV resin products from Loon Outdoors to make a durable fly that really stands out. I prefer to use this fly as an attractor in Michigan's quicker water. With a tungsten bead up front, this really shines in a euro nymphing setup. I would encourage you to also play with the colors of UV finish on the wing case as I think the SOS would be a great steelhead nymph throughout the winter and into the spring. 

  • HOOK: TMC 2457 or Umpqua U202 12-16
  • THREAD: UNI 6/0 Black
  • BEAD: Silver Tungsten or Brass
  • TAIL: Pheasant Tail Fibers dyed Black
  • RIB: Silver Ultra Wire
  • WING CASE: Thin Skin
  • THORAX: Hareline's Hare'e Ice Dub
  • LEGS: Krystal Flash Pearl Black