RS2 Tutorial

Happy New Year everyone, we hope you all had a fun and restful holiday season. I thought we would start 2019 off with a fly that has been in my boxes for some time.

The RS2 has been a regular player in the western states for a while now but can be overlooked due to it's simplicity. Fly tyers for some reason (myself included) often prefer the complicated over the the simple. Despite the RS2's popularity as a western fly, it performs admirable in all trout streams including Michigan. Typically fished in smaller forms (16-22), this fly can be extremely adaptable. We've had success fishing this fly both as an emerger, film fly, and dry fly. Mix up dubbing colors to match your local hatches or keep it simple with the Adams Gray, it seems to work for almost every situation. 

Materials List

Hook: TMC 101 (14-20)

Tail: Microfibbits or "Mayfly Tails"

Body: Superfine Dubbing

Wing: Dyed Pear Sparkle Braid