Dubbing Loops 101

I'm sure if you've landed here you have seen someone using a dubbing loop and wondered "how can I do that?" Well, the good news is loops are a fairly easy technique to master...at least on the basic level. 

1. What is a dubbing loop?

Quite simply it is a loop of thread capable of holding a large amount of dubbing. After the dubbing is added to the loop it is twisted under tension in order to secure the materials.

2. Why use a dubbing loop?

On the most basic level, applying dubbing with a loop is meant to be an alternative to how most tyers learn to apply dubbing to a hook. Loops can be especially helpful when you need to add a large about of material to a hook with minimal thread build-up. You will most often see loops used in larger patterns like streamers because of how much time loops can save. 

3. How to create & use a dubbing loop

Check out the video below to see how to make and use a dubbing loop!


Please stay tuned for the next article on dubbing loops where we will dive into different types of dubbing for tying with loops!