Deer Hair Sculpin Tutorial

Okay you're right, it's not Friday but it is Winter Solstice today!  

This week we're tying a single hook streamer great for smaller rivers or throwing on lighter rod. The trend for years now has been articulating two hooks and I suspect many anglers forget that fish can be caught on single hook streamers as well. A single hook fly will often have more action in the rear without the weight of a shank and be free to dance in the current. 

The Deer Hair Sculpin is not a complicated pattern, in fact, I try to keep these simple so when casts go awry there are no hurt feelings or upstream rowing demonstrations. As always, please modify this fly and make it your own. As I mention in the video, if you want to make this fly even simpler you could substitute a brush for the deer hair head. 



  • Thread: Veevus 140 & GSP 100
  • Tail: Rabbit Zonker Strip
  • Body: UV Polar Chenille
  • Veil: Strung Marabou (two colors)
  • Flash: Opal Lateral Scale 
  • Collar: Deer Body Hair (Premo strip used in video)
  • Head: Deer Belly Hair



  • You've probably heard me harp about GSP thread before but if you haven't tried it for deer hair work, you are missing out!
  • You're going to want a Hair Stacker to get the collar looking nice & uniform
  • A goo head substitution would be a Senyo Chromatic 1.5" Brush or Strung Fuzzy Fiber in a dubbing loop.
  • Get yourself a sharp razor blade for the deer hair trimming, it makes all the difference.