Craft Fur Clouser Tutorial

This is one of those flies that almost seem too simple... but they just work! The original Clouser Minnow used bucktail and was tied exceptionally sparse. This version is tied with craft fur and a little more flash so we can get a little more movement out of the materials in slower water. 





This has been a very successful fly for us the past few years especially when chasing smallmouth. Play around with the color schemes to fit the baitfish populations in your rivers. I typically carry this Perch color, a white/chartreuse and a grey/white color in my boxes. Don't be afraid to try some wacky colors though! You can fish this fly on a 6-8wt rod and a sink tip but I prefer a floating line paired with a 8-10ft leader if conditions allow. With the large eyes it isn't the easiest to cast but the jigging motion really comes to life. A good fly line like the Scientific Anglers Titan Series can really improve your ability to deliver this fly with the longer leader.