Chicken Little Tutorial

This variation of Patrick Robinson's Chicken Little is extremely quick to tie and wonderfully effective on steelhead. You can theorize all you want about what it imitates, but in the end it just works.





This fly really excels in the spring months but can be effective year round. Because it's really not made to imitate one specific thing, it can be a very adaptable fly. I think it really works in well in our fisheries as a hex nymph or salmon fry. Sure, the egg head is not natural, but it demands the attention of fish and that is often more important than perfect imitations.

We like dead drifting this fly and letting it swing and dangle at the end of the drift. Most hits come on the last 1/4 of the drift as this fly is coming under tension and beginning to give off the impression its struggling in the current.


Patrick ties the original with small tinsel chenille and a mallard flank feather for the wing. I've been tying this fly with the marabou/soft hackle patches lately because it's so convenient to have to major parts of the fly come from one patch of feathers.

By all means, play with colors to match the demands of your water. I usually mine with 2-3 different head variations so I can match our local water conditions. Orange and chartreuse are the most popular variations but there is room to experiment!