Bennett's Lunch Money Tutorial

Matt Bennett's Lunch Money is one of our favorite single-hook streamers for trout and bass. The simple design makes it easy to adapt it to your home fishery.




Although the original pattern was designed to ride inverted, I generally tie mine with the eyes on the underside of the shank so the hook point rides down. If you'd like to tie these inverted, you'll want to size up your eyes and  tie them to the top side of the shank. You'll also want to pierce the rabbit hide with the hook and tie it in at the bend. I really like that this fly has no additional flash added - I think there are plenty of other flashy patterns out there. Find out what baitfish swim in your local rivers and tie a few flies up to match them!


This is a great fly to throw on either a floating line or light sink tip. Tied to match local baitfish populations, this fly is great at grabbing the attention of trout and bass. Experiment with retrieves as some days fish may want to chase a fleeing bait fish and some days they may want to a slower, teasing retrieve with a pause.