Autumn Splendor Tutorial

The Autumn Splendor is a highly popular woolly bugger variation developed by Tim Heng, specifically designed for fly fishing in the Roaring Fork area. While it is particularly effective during the fall months, this versatile fly can produce great results year-round. It is commonly used with an active streamer retrieve when targeting trout, but it can also prove successful when fishing for bass. 




This is a great fly to throw whether you have a sink-tip line or not. When fished on a floating line with a long leader this fly has a fantastic jigging action that trout love. Make sure you use a twitching retrieve to activate those rubber legs. We find that a consistent retrieve tends to be more successful than one with sustained pauses. Don't be afraid to run two flies in big water with this your "enticer" to get the attention of fish. I like running smaller flies in the back like a leech.