Memorial Weekend Fishing Report




Many anglers have been frustrated with trout fishing as water has stayed cold and hatches have been elusive. Remember that it will get better and we'll be back on schedule in no time. Those that spend the most time on the water will be the most successful as windows of opportunity can be short this time of year. Plan on fishing streamers, wet flies, and nymphs and hope for dry fly action. 

Hendricksons will likely diminish after this weekend so it's a good idea to start carrying Sulphurs, Olive and Tan Caddis, March Browns, and Mahoganies. This time of year on the water it can be difficult to tell what fish are keyed on so it's good to have a few offerings. 

Regarding streamers, no two days have been the same so carry different size options and colors to experiment with. If you're seeing fish but they're not committing to the fly you'll need to tweak your presentation. Try different retrieve rates and presentation angles before switching your fly out. 


If you're waiting for drakes to start showing up before you make your way to the local trout streams know that there are other opportunities to wet a line in Northern Michigan. Most of our local inland lakes have seen good fishing for Pike and Bass while Bluegill should be starting soon with temperatures slowing rising. One of my favorite things to do in the spring is grabbing a large streamer and steel leader and exploring all the quiet lakes up north. Pike should be concentrated around shallow weed beds until temperatures approach seventy. Afternoons and evenings are perfect for fishing after work as the lakes have warmed during the day. Bass are slowing getting to shallow water so be sure to find smaller lakes that warm faster. 


Whatever you hope to target this weekend, get out there and enjoy the long weekend! The shop will be open regular hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but will be closed Monday for Memorial Day. Stop in if you are in town!