Fishing Report 9/30/20

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out our latest fishing report. Just a reminder that we'd love to hear reports from you too! We love seeing how our customers are doing out on the local rivers. Message or Tag us on Facebook & Instagram (we're @thenorthernangler) and we might even ask to feature your photos. 


If you've had a weird salmon seaon this year, we promise you are not alone! We've seen some dedicated anglers able to consistently hook up with both kings and coho but most of us have been dissapointed. The true difference between anglers catching fish and not is time committed to the chase. With the numbers down this year, anglers simply need to spend more time than they historically have to get hooked up. 

As usual, there is no "silver bullet" with salmon, most are not going to be interested in whatever you throw at them. Persistence is again the key here and do not second guess what you're offering them. Egg sucking leeches, egg patterns, beads, and nymphs all have been working. 


I am excited to report that most of our guides have started to target steelhead below tippy dam on the Manistee. We've hear rumors of a few Steelhead on the Boardman and Betsie but numbers are not in just yet. This weeks weather promises to help push more fish in to our rivers however, so make sure you're ready to go!


For steelhead, we're working mostly with egg imitations at this point including Glo Bugs, Rag Eggs, and Beads. 


Although we had a sporadic emergence of Blue Winged Olives yesterday on the river, most of our trout are going to ignore those little guys. For me, this time of year is all about sink tips and streamer boxes. The trout seemed to agree yesterday as we found fish nearly all day in the 10-15" range willing to chase and eat our flies. 

Despite the rain we've had the past few days the water conditions are still very low and very clear. Until we get a bump in cfs, we'd reccomend sticking to medium sized streamers (under 5") and using more natural colors than anything else. Tan, Olive, and Yellow were the ticket for us yesterday.

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