Fishing Report 9/28/23

September 28, 2023 Northern Angler Fishing Report

Fall is definitely here by the calendar as September comes to a close, but the warm temperatures make it feel more like late August, early September.  It has been very beautiful on the river the past week and I am so excited that fall is here and another one of my favorite seasons is starting.  We could really use some rain in this region, but it looks like that is in the 10 day forecast.  The Lions and Packers game is about to start and much talk about college football in the boat this week means only one thing and that is it is time to take advantage of the fall season and get out to fish!  

Upper Manistee

The upper Manistee is low and clear but the dry fly fishing in the middle of the day has been still productive.  Foam and rubber legs to natural ants and crickets have the best patterns.  When you aren’t feeling the dry fly bite is producing, then switch to a small streamer or nymph.  This is a beautiful time of year to be on the trout stream with the tranquility of autumn.

Lower Manistee

Manistee River below Tippy Dam has salmon throughout the system with fresh ones still coming.  Rain would be helpful and maybe some colder temps, but that will all be here soon enough.  A strong mixture of coho with the kings and some skipper steelhead are showing up regularly.  Fall is the best in Northern Michigan!


Boardman River

It's almost closing time for the upper sections of the Boardman River. Please check your regulations before you head to the river this fall. After Saturday, the river upstream of Beitner Park will be closed until spring. You should absolutely get out beforehand however as fishing has been excellent! Attractor dries and hoppers are still bringing fish to the surface and often a dropper nymph or wet fly can close the deal when they are not committing. Nymph the runs and holes and you might find some nice browns or colored up brook trout!