Fishing Report 9/19/20

How about this weather? It has been absolutely beautiful this past week here in Northern Michigan and that looks to continue through next week. We've been enjoying some "beach worthy" days here on the rivers that have crawled into the eighties and had us digging our summer gear back out of the closets. 


Keep an eye on the weather the rest of this month as any precipitation will provide a flow bump to our rivers and really kick the action into high gear. After last weeks rain, the rivers came up and the Trout really turned on looking at streamers.  We expect the terrestrial fishing to stay consistent while this warm weather lasts. 

Flies to have for the next week:

  • Terrestrials: Chubby Chernobyl, Damsel Flies, Parachute Ants, Beetles, Crickets
  • Streamers: Candy Man, Sex Dungeon, Mr. Creepo, Zoo Cougar
  • Nymphs/Wets: Prince Nymph, Jay's Tweaker, Mickey Finn


Kings and Coho are here and they are big! All the local rivers have fish though this bright warm weather has slowed the fishing down a bit so it will likely pay off to fish low-light times of day until the fall really sets in. Kings will key in on yarn eggs and beads but it can be a good idea to fish something different such as green caddis, antron bugs, or leech patterns. Coho will chase flashy flies but most successful anglers are using more natural patterns such as egg sucking leeches. 

We've got the shop stocked up with flies, beads, yarn, hooks, mono, indicators, floats, and everything you should need to get hooked up this fall! stop in and let us help you get ready to land a big one!

Check out our new videos on how to rig up for "chuck & duck" and indicator fishing below.