Fishing Report 9/10/20



Yes, there are salmon in the rivers of Northern Michigan. Although not in huge numbers, we're seeing Kings in the Betsie, Cohos in the Plattle, and a mix in The Boardman. Expect these cooler temperatures this week and the predicted rain to keep pushing fresh fish into all of these systems and increasing fishable numbers. 

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It always feels like trout in Northern Michigan are forgotten about once the air starts to cool and the big fish start to run. The truth is that fall trout fishing can be fantastic! Warm days will still bring fish up to the surface after terrestrial insects like Grass Hoppers, Beetles, and Ants. Brook Trout will happily feed on attractors like Patriots, Caddis, and more.

The real fun is throwing streamers for fish that are more active in cooler water temperatures. A six, seven, or eight weight rod is perfect for this paired with a versileader or sink tip to help get your flies down. Fly selection can vary depending on the day so be sure to have at least a small variety with you.