Fishing Report 8/8/18


Tricos continue to dominate the early mornings on our Northern Michigan rivers so be sure to have at the very least a few small parachute Adams with you for when the fish get picky. Although the fish that will concentrate on Tricos are not always the largest, targeting selective rising fish is one of the most fun and rewarding thing this sport has to offer. Hoppers, ants, and beetles are the go-to once the small bugs have finished. Be sure to fish these close to any sort of structure you can find: wood is good! 

Bluegill & Bass

Same old story here as we continue to fish spiders and poppers on the surface in the morning and evenings. We have gotten several reports that smallies are looking up on occasion out in the bay and it might be worth throwing something up top for a change of pace. Other than that, most bass are going to be plenty deep and you'll want to bring out your sinking lines to probe the depths. 

Salmon & Steelhead

Although many anglers are starting to think about them, Salmon have not yet begun their annual ascent up our Northern Michigan rivers. We typically do not expect them until the end of August at the very earliest and a good rain is pivotal to conditions being prime. If you need to get your Salmon fix, you're going to have to hit the big lake for now.