Fishing Report 8/27/21

We've got a hot weekend lined up here at the end of August with temperatures reaching nearly ninety degrees around the Traverse City area. We're hoping we get some of the rain predicted as our rivers are running low and clear. Unfortunately, it seems like we rarely get what is predicted in Northern Michigan besides the heat. 


Trout fishing has been plain difficult on our major rivers. Personally, I think it's time to do something different that hitting up your regular spot and expecting fishing to be on. This is the time of year to grab your light rod and explore that small creek you've been driving over on the way to work. Sure, if you spend all day on the big rivers you may find a few fish but I think fishing the small rivers that rarely get explored are going to be more rewarding. The water will be cold and the fish eager to eat just about whatever dry you want to throw.


  • Royal Wulff (10-14)
  • Humpy (12-16)
  • Parachute Adams (14-18)
  • Purple Haze (14-18)
  • Ants & Beetles (10-16)
  • Chubby Chernobyls (10-16)

Check the flows & temperature of the Manistee HERE.

Check the flows of the Boardman HERE. 


That's right, it's again time for the big fish to start showing up! We've heard there are Kings in The Betsie at Homestead and in The Manistee at Tippy Dam though not in big numbers. Anglers willing to put some time in will likely be able to hook into one of these goliaths. 

Remember, these fish will destroy your trout gear! Our guides use ten weight rods that often are not enough to steer these powerful fish in small spaces. 

First time salmon fishing? Check out our Salmon Outfit so you can get to the river prepared.


This can be a frustrating time of year for some anglers as trout fishing has slowed down and Salmon fishing does not appeal to everyone. We've been willing to travel further this time of year to find more productive water and it has been paying off. Smallmouth has been a lot of fun this year and fishing tends to stay fun even through the heat of the summer. 

Inland lake fishing for Largemouth is another great option and one the you won't have to worry about traveling much to find water. The evening popper bite is one we love to take advantage of after work with friends.