Fishing Report 8/23/19

The weekend is here! Looks like we're going to get a break from the heat this week with highs in the 70s and some chilly evenings down around 50. 



Trout fishing has been pretty inconsistent lately. We're still waiting for the really big hoppers to hit the water and energize the terrestrial fishing. We're catching plenty of trout with a few good ones here and there but I have to believe the big fish are all feeding after dark. Do not be afraid to get up early and streamer fish this time of year, you might be surprised how productive and fun it can be. 


The phone has been ringing off the hook with folks looking to get into Salmon. We're certain there are a few fish scattered in The Betsie but no real numbers to target yet. The Platte and Boardman will follow suit soon and we'll be snapping rod tips and bringing some big fish. This is a great time to get your tackle squared away and ready for some fun on the rivers. We've started to get our fall shipments in so you can be prepared. If you've never done salmon on fly tackle, it's worth checking out, we even have pre-rigged rods ready to go.


Bass has been slow lately on our inland waters. I expect though fishing the smaller lakes along weedbeds and dropoffs will produce some largemouth that be a great night of fun on the water. If you have the means, targeting Smallmouth in the rivers can be a much better bet through August if you're willing to make the drive down to the Big Manistee or Muskegon.