Fishing Report 8/22/18


Trout fishing has been good this past week as brown and brook trout continue to look up for the now sporadic Trico hatches in the mornings and terrestrials later in the day. This time of year I love to get out early with a light rod and have some fun with the brook trout. As I've found even with a glass two weight you can set the hook too hard and send a few eager fingerlings flying. Target those nearly impossible spots up against the bank with hoppers, beetles, and ants if you want to find some browns. Check out some of the best dries to have in your box here.

Boardman Brook Trout


Most Salmon are still staged just outside the rivers, there are always a few that sneak up the river early though. If we get the rain that they're predicting starting this weekend, we'll have a lot more fish to target. Might be time to start getting your gear ready to go, it won't be long. If you'd like to learn more about Salmon fishing in Northern Michigan, take a look at this recent article.