Fishing Report 8/15/18

Hey everyone, hope you've been out fishing, we've been having some fun out on the rivers lately! 

Trout are responding well to foam and rubber on our local rivers. You might be surprised at how big you can actually go with some of these "chubby" style flies, even smaller fish will come up and slash at these. Slap them down and twitch them around grassy banks for some fun in the sun. Start early in the day if you can and get off the water before the heat really sets in.

Bass/Bluegill fishing hasn't changed much as you can find plenty of fish in the early mornings and late evening in all of our local inland lakes. 

We're still waiting for some rain to starting bringing Salmon into the rivers. It might be time to start getting your gear ready for the big fish that will be coming soon! We have a pile of nine and ten weight rods in stock this year anticipating some big Salmon. Stay tuned for more!