Fishing Report 8/12/19


We've been lucky this year to have good summer water temperatures for trout fishing. Trout have been happy to slam dry fly presentations until about mid day when most everything shuts down in the mid-day sun. If you're an early bird, take some small tricos with you and target rising fish. Beyond that, it's full on foam season! Get your chubby chernobyls, hippie stompers, and parachute ants and slam the banks. 

Flies to have:

  • Chubby Chernobyl (16-6)
  • Hippie Stomper (10-16)
  • Parachute Ants (12-18)
  • Tricos (18-22)
  • Ephoron (white fly) 
  • Damsel Flies


First off, no salmon have been spotted as of yet but it's probably not too early to knock the dust off your salmon slammers and get rigged and ready. We'll be sure to put the alert out when things get going.

Regarding Bass, most anglers have abandoned smallmouth as they push into the depths for summer. Large mouth haven't gone anywhere however and provide the perfect day to wind down after a day at work. Eat dinner, grab a cooler and hit the lake with some poppers and fish until dark.