Fishing Report 7/31/19

The weather looks beautiful for the next week! Grab your foam bugs and hit the water!


Trout fishing has been steady in the early morning hours before the plastic hatch takes off (kayaks/tubes/etc). On the Boardman, do not be afraid to throw small streamers in likely places if you can get out right at dawn. Trout will happily chase buggers, skunks, and sculpin patterns. Once the sun starts to hit the water, tie on some small terrestrials and cast to any overhanging vegetation. Chernobyl Ants 12-16, Hippie Stompers 10-14, Ants 12-16, Royal Wulfs 12-16 are all working.

On the Upper Manistee morning is the best way to go as well. Lots of small fish are being caught but we're see the occasional nice fish caught as well. Stick to the above foam selections and you'll be in business. Leaders around 4X have been the ticket. Be sure to start carrying some small Tricos as well, you may come upon a hatch and some fish feeding aggressively on the surface. 


Smallmouth are becoming more difficult to find in the heat of the summer but often can be found in shallow early in the morning. Minnow patterns and crayfish patterns are about all you'll need. Make sure you have a way to get your flies down with a sink tip or full sink line.

Largemouth are thankfully much more predictable and will be holding right against the bank or in weed beds. Fish some Boogle Bug poppers and hang on! Gills will be found around structure like submerged weed beds so take some light tackle and rubber spiders to have some fun.