Fishing Report 7/24/20


We've got some a mixed bag of weather headed our way for the weekend but next week looks like things will stabilize again around 80-85F. Grab some sunscreen and hit the rivers!


Paying attention to the flows this time of year can pay off big time and clue you in to how best to spend your time. Since the major rain events we had a few days back, we've been fishing the dropping river levels hard with streamers in the Boardman. It seems silly in the middle of July on bright sunny days to be out doing anything besides throwing hoppers but with the bump in flows our fish really put on the sub-surface calories. As it finishes dropping back into our regular summer flows, we'll be back throwing hoppers, ants & beetles. 

On the brighter days, the mornings and evenings will be fishing the best. Days with clouds however, we've found fish willing to eat all afternoon. You might be worried about getting ahead of the party barges of kayaks and tubes this time of year but we've seen light levels and water conditions be more important factors than disturbance in the water. 


STREAMERS: color changes are necessary with light changes throughout the day. Tan, White, Yellow, and Olive all produce

    • Circus Peanuts
    • Wet Skunks
    • Mini Dungeons
    • Zoo Cougars
    • Butt Monkeys
    • Chubby Chernobyl 10-4 (yes they'll eat the big ones)
    • Hippie Stompers (10-14)
    • Parachute Patriot (12-16)
    • Elk Hair Caddis (10-14)