Fishing Report 7/2/19

It's National Cherry Festival week here in Traverse City and many people are itching to get out of town and away from the crowds. Here are some great ways to hit the water and enjoy some quiet time on waterways of Northern Michigan.

Weather looks to be all over the place so it might be smart to pack some rain gear in with your summer stuff.



Trout fishing continues to challenge anglers this year as most guides would agree we're nearly two weeks behind the expected hatch schedules. Many are starting to venture out late into the night looking for the famous hex hatch. Unfortunately, this has most often been a hoax leaving many with a lack of sleep and nothing to show off to friends. Rumor would indicate things have started to progress on southern and eastern rivers indicating our rivers in North Western Michigan shouldn't be too far behind. Best get your gear ready!

Besides the big bugs, some trout anglers are finding success fishing streamers throughout the daylight hours and fishing Isonycias and cahills up to dark. 



Bass fishing continues to be fun for those who are willing to spend the time to find fish. Crayfish patterns have been the ticket for several friends of the shop who even caught a few cisco on their latest outing! The trick is simply being out on the water. High water is forcing many to be creative so go borrow a kayak or SUP and get after them.

Carp fishing has honestly surprised us this year, we truly expected things to be rough this year. We have been proven totally wrong however as customers have been able to find plenty of fish to cast to. As usual, getting these fish to actually eat can be a real challenge. Think about being stealthy out on the water and maybe hitting the flats early in the morning instead of mid-day, fish a smaller fly and let it slowly sink instead of plummeting to the bottom with lead eyes. 

Largemouth popper fishing has been a riot for anyone looking to spend just a few hours on the local lakes. We love hitting the lakes after work and throwing Boogle Bugs to the weed beds and seeing a big bass explode on the surface.