Fishing Report 7/1/20

Hey friends, we hope you've been out late looking for the big bugs and big fish like we have! Unfortunately, it's that time of year in Northern Michigan where we need to face some difficult decisions as responsible anglers. This week's heat wave is pushing the evening river temps above 70 degrees and subsiquently the trout into the "danger zone." We are making the decision as guides and anglers to start looking for other cooler water to fish in order to help preserve our wonderful fisheries. 

If you're making the decision to keep fishing, please up your tippet size (we like 1X or 0X) and land those fish quickly!

Learn more about Trout and Water Temperature Here

Check in on the Upper Manistee 

Get the local forecast 

For those of you still working the cooler watersheds, it's definately still worth staying out late and having some Hex patterns rigged up. We've been out of patterns for a few days now but are excited about a restock shipment that just showed up in time!

Early morning streamer fishing and nymphing on smaller rivers is one of my favorite activities before work and the heat of the day. We've also been getting reports of consistent morning caddis and the beginnings of hopper fishing on our local Boardman.