Fishing Report 6/4/20

June is finally here and it might be our favorite month to be on the water! We have been out chasing fish and loving this warm weather. We're going to see some rain tommorow and a cool down this weekend but fishing should stay consistent. 



If you're hitting the river in the rain it would be wise to take at least a six weight loaded with a sink tip because you'll want to throw streamers. Medium sized flies have been working best for us in a variety of colors. Sex Dungeons, Circus Peanuts, and Sculpzillas.

Once the rain passes we should be able to get back to chasing fish eating on the surface. We've been seeing a variety of bugs on the water this past week so make sure you have Mahoganies, Sulphurs, Caddis, and Isos. Make sure you bring bug spray and stay until dark to see if the spinners drop. If you're floating, boondogging a bigger Isonychia is a great way to get some attention from a hungry fish. 

Must Haves

    • Alex's Biot Para Sulphur
    • Robert's Yellow Drake
    • Biot Body Para Mahogany
    • Poly Wing Comparadun Mahogany
    • Borcher's Drake
    • Parachute Isos
    • X-Caddis
    • Pearl & Elk
    • Alex's Palmered Parachute
    • Rusty Profile Spinner
    • Hi-Viz Pheasant Tail Spinner


Excuse the pun here but things on the lakes are really heating up! We've been out chasing bass, pike, and gills after work and had a riot. Despite the lakes having rapidly warmed up, fish are around and willing to eat. If you're after pike, think about getting out on the water early before things warm up too much. Bass are eating both subsurface and topwater so make sure you've got some poppers ready to go. Gills are going well on our smaller lakes so you can do well with a popper or spider and a dropper.