Fishing Report 6/25/21

June 25, 2021 River Report

Well we have experienced record heat and then a pretty decent cold front and rain over the past few weeks.  The rain is certainly welcome and this will help us to maintain some good water temperatures for the next warm spell and moving into July.

On the upper Manistee, the crazy temperature swings have really made the hex and brown drake stall out.  We definitely will have more hex in the system once it warms up.  The isonychias have really liked the cooler temperatures and the fish have been looking up and seem to be happy.  The hex and isos trickled off most evenings this past week making for some exciting bite events in the daylight.

Hex should start to kick back off soon on the local rivers.  We are already seeing some grasshoppers and ants moving around with how dry it has been prior to the rains this week, so terrestrial action in July and August should be good.

Keep in mind that the water temperatures are in a healthy range for the fish.  Be sure to fish appropriate tippet size for evening and night fishing and don’t overplay the fish and keep them wet!  We are looking forward to some stable temperatures and welcome the rain.

Get out and fish!