Fishing Report 6/21/19

The weekend is finally here and it looks like we're going to get some beautiful weather...until Sunday that is. Oh well, we're all used to it by now right? 

I have been harping on everyone to be adaptable and this week will be no different as we continue to see high water and constant precipitation. It's hard to believe the National Cherry Festival starts next weekend! Successful anglers are experimenting with new methods instead of waiting on the bank in likely spots waiting for the hatches that seem like they'll never show...


Things are getting better. Our guides have reported fish looking up and willing to take flies on the surface the past several days. Unfortunately, most of the action is wrapping up by 9:30 when we would typically see things get really fun. We're still in that period of time when you'll want to have a variety of flies with you as things are changing on a nightly basis. Mahoganies, Isonycias, Brown Drakes, Light Cahills, Caddis, and Stoneflies are all present. A few rogue Hex have been spotted in the air but with the conditions we've experienced this spring, we do not expect the big hatches to happen for at least another week.

Remember there are more than just surface flies that catch trout. Successful anglers these past weeks have been willing to throw streamers and even break out the nymph setups. High water and cooler temps have made many of our fish reluctant to work the surface.

Flies to have on the rivers this week:
  • Borcher's Drakes (10-16) 
  • Mahogany Parachute Dun (16)
  • Robert's Yellow Drakes (12-16)
  • Light Cahill Parachute Dun (12-14)
  • Yellow Sallies (14-16)
  • Parachute Brown Drake (8-10)
  • Yarn Body ISO (10-12)
  • Parachute ISO (10-12)
  • Potter's Opal Drake (10-12)
  • HEX (4-8)


Smallmouth Bass and Carp are being caught by dedicated anglers willing to deal with difficult high water conditions. The standard flies such as Clouser minnows and Adduchi's Chew Toy are working well for the bass and Crayfish patterns such as the Ball Peen and Hoover Moover are catching the attention of our carp. Get out there and try something different!

Largemouth and Bluegill fishing has been great this spring. We are hearing lots of reports that gills have, for the most part, wrapped up their time on the beds. Plenty of fish are still being caught however on poppers and droppers. Boogle Bugs, spiders, and buggers should all bring you fish if you're spending some time on our local lakes. 


Captain Tim Brendel of Dancing Bear Charters reports that West Bay is fishing well and that Lake trout & Cisco are still in shallow water around thirty feet. He has been running trips in the morning and evening and having no trouble putting clients on fish. With Cherry Festival approaching he still has several days open to fish.