Fishing Report 6/13/20

"Sping" here in Northern Michigan continues to surprise us with heavy rainfall this year. Luckily, The Boardman and Upper Manistee were largely spared from the latest deluge and have been holding steady flows. 

The Boardman

As of this morning, The Boardman is running at 311CFS and falling.  This is perfect streamer fishing conditions despite the North Wind that has been blowing cooler air our way the past few days. We had some fun and decent fishing yesterday throwing flies in the 2-4" range in yellow, olive, and tan. You'll want a fly with some weight or a good sink tip to get into the "Danger Zone" where the fish have been sitting. Don't worry too much about having a dredging rig, you just need to get under the surface quick.

Besides streamers, we did enjoy a good number of Sulphurs taking flight through the afternoon and evening. Unfortunately, a few splashy risers was all we saw. If you want to target fish with dries on The Boardman, pay special attention to the "quiet water" along seams and banks. 

Have These In Your Box:

    • Sculpzilla (yellow, tan, olive)
    • Skunk Buggers (Olive w/white legs)
    • Sex Dungeon mini (olive, white, black)
    • Sulphurs #16
    • Caddis #12-16

 The Upper Manistee

If you're headed to the upper, it's time to starting thinking about bigger bugs. Isonychias, brown drakes, and eventually Hex. We've been having fun out there but plenty of nights have ended with no bugs on the water. 

Have These In Your Box:

    • McCoy's Boondoggle Iso
    • Kraimer's Tilt-Shoot Iso 10-12
    • Borcher's Drake (12-14)
    • McCoy's Brown Drakes
    • Robert's Yellow Drakes
    • Potter's Opal Drake