Fishing Report 6/10/19

We've had an unbelievable weekend with great weather a good fishing but looking ahead you might want to pack your rain gear if you're headed to Northern Michigan. Besides Tuesday, the forecast is calling for rain every day this week. Wednesday and Saturday look to have the heaviest precipitation but that shouldn't keep you off the water. Remember, fish have to eat!


Trout anglers have been faced with difficult conditions this spring and this will likely continue this week. We've seen evenings with fantastic insect activity but totally devoid of interested fish. This is going to be a year to challenge yourself as an angler experimenting outside of your comfort zone and waiting for hatches and spinner falls. If you've never really tried nymph or streamer fishing we're ready to get you set up with the right gear and some local tips. Stay vigilant anglers, as the bugs have to go eventually and the fish will eventually care about them as well. Keep your expectations low and appreciate any activity you may encounter. 

Flies to have in your box: Robert's Yellow Drake (10-16), Borcher's Drake (10-16), Tan Caddis (12-16), Mahogany Parachutes (16), Tilt Shoot Iso (10-12), Brown Drakes (8-10)


It's time folks, anglers are reporting plenty of carp around and several caught despite difficult wading conditions with our exceptionally high water. Eight weight rods, floating or intermediate lines, a few crayfish patterns and a full tank of gas are all you need to try this unique fishery. Look for happy fish rooting around for food as cruisers are typically not good for much for than frustration. Pay attention to wind direction as most fish will be downwind in their pre-spawn routines.


If your trout stream is running a little high and dirty, it might be time to enjoy one of the many local lakes full of Bluegill, Bass, and Pike. Fishing for all three has really taken off this past week and you can expect to catch all three either just below or right on the surface. As most of our small lakes approach seventy degrees, gills will become extremely aggressive and attack anything that's close. Bring your three weights and be ready for a good fight! Rubber spiders, poppers, small buggers, and nymphs are all working well. Bass will continue to get better as we slowly warm towards summer. Right now most will follow a popper without committing so make sure you have a dropper rig ready to go. Pike are still chasing big streamers in the lakes that haven't warmed too rapidly. Once gill action really heats up, pike will stay deeper during the day and hunt in the morning and evenings. Let us help you get rigged up to have some fun close to home on all of Northern Michigan's beautiful lakes.